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Got a new type of mousetrap? Or way to churn butter? Or function for a mobile app? You're looking for a utility patent. It'll protect you for 20 years from others manufacturing, selling or distributing your invention. Design patents: A design patent can be issued for the appearance, design or shape of an invention. So this is just for a look, not the function. Google's home page, an iPhone and even the Statute of Liberty have had design patents for the way they look. With one of these, an inventor gets protection for 14 years. Plant patents: Plant patents are available for plants that are asexually reproduced — they can't come from seeds. Hybrids, mutants and other modified plant varieties can have plant patents. That'll prevent others from growing and selling those plants for 20 years.  2) For independent inventors, resources are available The federal government has a national program to inform and educate members of the public about patent materials and resources. The program has locations across the country, all in various public or university libraries.

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