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The internet providers that cheered on the Federal Communications Commission’s killing of net neutrality in December may yet regret getting the thing they wished for. In the absence of federal open-internet protections, states across the country are starting to pass their own laws—a coast-spanning patchwork of regulations that companies like AT&T and Comcast may find harder to comply with than the now-axed Obama-era policy, which prevented broadband companies from slowing down or blocking access to websites. And a network neutrality law just introduced in California could be the toughest state law yet. If the legislation passes, California would follow Washington, which was the first state to pass its own network neutrality policy at the beginning of the month. Governors in New York, Montana, and Hawaii have issued executive orders that bar state offices from doing any business with internet providers that don’t adhere to basic network neutrality protections, like prohibitions on speeding up access to sites that pay to reach users at faster speeds. California’s might be the most significant—not just for the bill’s toughness and the state’s huge population, but also because it’s the home of the world’s largest internet giants. California state Sen. Scott Wiener originally drafted the legislation, SB-822 , in January, and this Wednesday introduced an update to the bill that, beyond banning internet providers from blocking or throttling access to websites, would also bar them from engaging in another discriminatory process called “ zero rating ,” which is when an internet providers privileges some websites and apps over others by not counting their usage against monthly data caps. AT&T, for example, uses zero rating when it allows its DirectTV Now customers to watch without cutting into customers’ data plans.

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