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One of those employees had multiple cuts and abrasions on his arms. Black mold was also found in various places in the cheese factory. Failure to manufacture and store foods under conditions and controls necessary to minimize the potential for growth of microorganisms and contamination. Ouleout raw milk cheese from two different lots was analyzed and found to be positive for L. mono. Failure to perform microbial testing where necessary to identify sanitation failures and possible food contamination, as required. Vulto test records show that they conducted environmental sampling only 20 times between July 28, 2014, and Feb. 19, 2017, and that 54 out of 198 swabs taken from various locations throughout the manufacturing facility, including food contact and non-food contact surfaces, tested positive for Listeria. Vulto did not conduct an investigation to identify the species of Listeria and failed to recognize its source or point of entry/harborage at the facility. Additionally, Vulto did not conduct microbial testing of finished products after finding positive Listeria on food contact surfaces to confirm that the products were not contaminated with the organism detected by the environmental testing program Failure to use a procedure for equipment and utensil cleaning and sanitizing that has been shown to provide adequate treatment. Vulto repeatedly found Listeria throughout the facility, even after re-cleaning and re-sanitizing.

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